Gelled Lighting | Masterclass | Jake Hicks

Wir freuen uns sehr, den britischen Fotografen Jake Hicks bei uns in Zürich zu begrüssen. Da dieses Seminar in Jakes Muttersprache gehalten wird, ist auch der folgende Text auf Englisch.

If you've ever tried shooting with coloured gels in the past and have been less than impressed with the washed-out and lifeless colours then this Coloured Gels this Workshop with British Photographer Jake Hicks is for you – Jake's work is predominantly known for it's bold use of colour and movement and one of the reasons his workshops have become so popular over the years is because that colour and saturation is all created in-camera with coloured lighting alone. So if you're looking to add something a little different to your arsenal of lighting skills, or maybe you're simply looking to offer something more engaging and alternative to your clients, this is the lighting workshop for you.

The course will be kept to a small group so there will be plenty of time for hands-on shooting for everybody. On the day of the workshop Jake will be explaining in detail some of my most popular and sought after coloured lighting techniques. We'll start off by looking at how we can add interest with colour to your standard studio lighting shots, then we'll be covering strong edge lighting techniques with gels and then finish up with a setup which involves a highly saturated colour wash. Throughout the day Jake will encourage everybody to ask questions and will be covering how to overcome some of the classic pitfalls usually encountered with gelled lighting.

Everybody will get a chance to shoot on each of the set-ups and everybody will walk away from the day with plenty of awesome shots.

The workshop language is English.


Unsure if this course is right for you? Ask us:

Target audience:
The course is aimed at those looking to explore intermediate to advanced lighting skills within a studio environment. We will start off outlining the fundamentals of strong, clean studio lighting and build upon that with refined coloured gel techniques.


  • Subjective lighting: Let go of some of the rules of traditional lighting to create bold statements with colour.
  • Essential lighting techniques to consider when using coloured gels: Creating saturated and bold colours as well as how to create softer subtler coloured looks with equipment you already have.
  • The fundamentals of colour theory: Why colour theory is so important and how powerful it can be when used properly. How to apply colour theory with not only the lighting but with what your client or subject is wearing and the environment you're in.
  • Learning how to fully control and manipulate light with advanced setups: We'll be in a fully equipped studio but we will also look at how we can reproduce these looks in far smaller studio spaces like home studios with limited kit.

The course is aimed at those looking to explore intermediate and some advanced lighting setups so some previous experience of off-camera lighting is preferred and advised. It doesn't matter if that experience is speedlights or strobes, the techniques learned on the day are transferable. So if you're comfortable shooting in manual mode with your camera you should be fine to understand everything presented to you at this workshop.

Your trainer:

Jake Hicks |
Jake Hicks is a british full-time professional photographer who specailaises in bright, bold and highly saturated fashion and editroal imagery. He always tries to keep the skill in camera, not just on the screen: Being technically very proficient, and with a strong background in the pre-digital era of photography, his ability to capture dynamic visuals ‘in-camera’ without the need to rely on heavy post-production and photo manipulation has always made Jake far more adaptable on shoot day. It is for this reason that he has been the preferred choice for those clients who want to remain part of the creative process from start to finish. That being said, when the need arises and a job requires efficiency and trust to ensure a shoot can be turned around quickly, being extremely proficient in all modern imaging software is a must, enabling him to remain dynamic and flexible to any last minute changes.

Having been a freelance photographer for over a decade, Jake has been fortunate enough to be involved with some very varied and influential clients. They have chosen him to represent their companies image and ideals because his work is always about ensuring a progressive aesthetic to any given campaign, with his results always standing out for the right reasons.

Saturday, March 2nd 2019

10:00 to 17:00

Number of participants:
This workshop is limited to 12 people, the minimal number of participants is 5.

Light + Byte Studio, Baslerstrasse 30, 8048 Zürich

CHF 598.– (VAT-exempt)
Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided for free by Light + Byte

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10% discount for returning LB Academy customers

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